Matta (by lachie) The Duke Team at Railscamp (by Ross Hill) Railscamp 08 (by philoye) More Mexican (by Lachlan Hardy) Railscamp 08 (by philoye) IMG_0109 (by gfairbrother) Pat (by lachie) iphone junkies (by gfairbrother) Railscamp 08 (by philoye) Cups ready (by toolmantim) Chillin' at the Black Cat (by Lachlan Hardy) Yield pig wearer sleeps (by toolmantim) Dan giving an intro to Merb (by toolmantim) Marcus Crafter (by lachie) Bundy man Tim (by lachie) Chow (by lachie) Dylan having a sniff (by toolmantim) Watchers (by freelancing god) Daniel teaching Merb (by freelancing god) Pat demoing the sphinx (by toolmantim) Dr Nic codes (by Lachlan Hardy) Boxman. (by toolmantim) IMG_0103 (by gfairbrother) IMG_0101 (by gfairbrother) IMG_0100 (by gfairbrother) Hack and Greet (by freelancing god) One Laptop Is Not Enough (by freelancing god) GDAY Kev (by toolmantim)